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Hallberga Trading should be Your natural choice for distribution of products in Scandinavia!

Since starting in 2000 Hallberga Trading has become the natural partner for retailers and wholesalers in their choice of a supplier within the field of decorations in food and non-food for the bakery, confectioner, chocolate- and cake shop, as well as the catering industry, semi-industry, ice-cream vendors, retail and export.

Whilst showing a continuous growth in turnover, Hallberga Trading’s ever growing customer accounts pin their choice for us as their supplier on the combined facts of realistic pricing, delivery on time, high personal service and the comfort of knowing that all handling complies with mandatory European legislation.

With these leading threads Hallberga Trading’s objective to become the industries outsourcing solution and also beeing synonymous with the supplier of cake decorations in Scandinavia has been fulfilled!

For further information You are welcome to contact our purchase department by telephone +46 142 71951, facsimile +46 142 71952, or by email order@hallbergatrading.se

“Centralize Your Scandinavian sales by means of a partnership with Hallberga Trading!”


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